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Canon.Com/ijsetup will manual you to Install Canon printer brand new updated drivers, for Canon printer setup you could additionally visit ij.start canon or http //ij.start.canon website. If we talk about printers the first name comes in our thoughts is Canon printer, on this internet site we will inform you a way to setup & deploy your canon printer with little information approximately computers. For More Visit: http //ij.start.canon

Why Choose Canon.com/ijsetup? 
1. To get the latest and updated drivers for all your Canon printer models.
2. All the printers are very fast and reliable.
3. It is very easy to set up a canon printer by visiting ij.start canon official website.
4. If you face any issue during installation, the Canon printer tech support expert will always there.
5. When you buy a printer you may see the driver download link on the box which is http //ij.start.canon setup to get drivers.
6. On this website, you will get all Canon printers model drivers.

ij.start canon is based on the computer operating system, you can download the driver directly with the link that we have provided below. The driver is customizable based on your printing need. It is a complete package that contains many software applications for printing, scanning, auto-driver installation and many more. There are several utility tools available along with the driver that helps you troubleshoot many problems with your Canon printer. Click the driver download button as per the computer OS and get the driver.

Before doing the canon printer setup, you need to know about it properly. Before you plan to connect your computer with the Canon printer, you need to learn about the canon ij.start.canon setup. It is a way to connect the printer with the other devices by using the wireless connection. When you will make a network connection with the printer, then it can allow you to take printouts from your tablets, smartphone, laptops, and computers. You won’t even need the USB cable for it. Isn’t it great?

If you want to set up your printer in this manner, then it isn’t a difficult task. Before you plan to go ij.start.canon, it is important that you know about its requirements. You need to have a router or modem at your home to do this connection and the access points should also work properly. You should have a device with an internet connection to make this setup. It can be a computer or a smartphone.

How to install the Canon wireless printer on windows computer?
Below steps will help you to setup Canon wireless printer with the help of ij.start canon official Canon printers’ driver website. 
1. Install cartridges in your printer and turn it ON.
2. Make sure you have WPS button on your WIFI router & your computer and printer connected within the same network.
3. On your computer go to browser and open ij.start canon, and search your printer model and download the latest and updated drivers for Canon printer.
4. Double click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions, it will automatically detect the printer and install the latest and updated drivers for it.
5. If it’s not installed automatically then you need to do it manually go to settings on your printer choose wireless option and within 2 minutes press the WPS button on your WIFI router then it will connect with the network.
6. Once your printer installed test it by giving print from the computer.

How to setup Canon printer on MAC?
Visit canon.com/ijsetup or ij.start.canon mac to install Canon printer on MAC.
1. Insert cartridges and turn ON your Canon printer.
2. Connect your canon printer via USB cable.
3. Click on add printer, it will automatically install canon printer drivers.
4. If it above steps does not work, you need to download printer drivers from ij.start canon mac.
5. Click on downloaded file to install Canon printer.

If you don’t have USB cable follow below steps.
Turn ON Printer.
2. Locate the WPS button on WIFI router.
3. Download printer drivers from canon.com/ijsetup MAC.
4. Open downloaded file and follow steps.
5. While following instruction it will ask to press WPS button on WIFI and then press OK button on printer.
6. Once done it will connect with network.
7. Now on your MAC computer click add printer and locate the printer to install.
8. Once all done make a test print to confirm.
To install Canon printer on MAC visit canon.com/ijsetup mac or www.canon.com/ijsetup mac.

This is the entire process of connecting your Canon printer to your computer through canon ij setup. After all the formalities of the setup are over and you have been successfully connected to your printer via your Mac, make sure to give your printer a trial. Select any random document from the file and folders of your computer and go to the print icon or option present anywhere in the document and select it.

Check if your printer is successfully able to process your request of printing that particular document. If you have a print of your document extracted out the printer, it indicates the printer is connected and working as well. If are not able to obtain a print, you can contact the service center or the esteemed personnel who provide after sale services as they can help you install the printer. The Canon IJ Network Scan Utility program enables you to configure the network settings for IJ Canon Start network-enabled printer.

You can connect the printer to a network after completing the IJ start Canon setup process, share it among different computers, and scan images to a computer. It is to be noted that, although the printer can be shared among various computers, multiple users cannot scan at the same time. Also, the scanning time via a network is longer compared to scanning via USB. If you are facing any problems with any of the printer options or mistakenly you selected some options of which you had no idea.

You can perform a factory reset on the printer, to setup and manual related issues are solved on http //ij.start.canon to help it install all the default options provided by the manufacturer. For restoring the default setting of the printer, you have to press and hold the cancel or the resume button. You have to hold it till the alarm beside it flashes for 17 times straight. After the 17th flash, you can let go of the button.

This would restore all the default option which was programmed into your printer. If faced with any problems here as well, you can contact the esteemed service center person and get in touch with the company’s service or visit at http //ij.start.canon

For More Visit: http //ij.start.canon